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For starters I am for the most part completely ignorant as to the workings of Car insurance or really.. anything involving cars.. so bare with me.. I’m trying to figure out how to get insurance as a primary driver

I’m an 18 year old male still in school with a full G license, the car is a 1995 ford model worth only.. 1000 $ max, it’s 2 door, I have a 75%+ average in school, I have no prior accidents or tickets. Essentially perfect as far as all the "variables" that effect insurance rates go. Yet when i got quotes online they are still telling me I have to pay 380 $ monthly. What the fuck? On average I only make about 400 or 500 a month.. adding on gas money to that my cost of living is practically negative from just drive to and from work?

So I guess what I’m asking is.. Is teenage car insurance even possible without help from mommy and daddy or dropping school to work more? Can anyone link me or give me the name of auto-insurance companies that give the best rates for Teens? Anything in the 2000-3000 $ range a year would be perfect
I Live in canada
I’m not exactly looking for people to tell me It’s expensive, i am aware of this fact. I would appreciate if any drivers my age or had insurance at my age tell me how they managed it, or which insurance companies supports (Cheaper for) young drivers

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