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Why is home insurance limited to each and every different type of disaster?

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Home Insurance

The home is either livable or NOT livable…it matters NOT what disaster ruined the home..

Why then is it that you have to pay extra for each different type of circumstance? An accident is an accident…. a disaster is a disaster… the home can only be burned, flooded, distroyed by earthquake / tornado / hurricaine ONCE.. why pay for all the different ways insurance-wise?

How covered is covered? And WHY !!!! Why?? Is it if you Never have any type of claim you aren’t refunded some of that money you spend year after year after year?

Again, once you’ve paid in insurance the amount of the home value.. what difference does it make if you replaced the home ‘money-wise’ already in insurance premiums? Why not spend those premiums on a second home instead?

Just shooting in the dark here of the many complaints I have heard ranted from my elders recently.. their solutions were hysterical.. I’d love to hear more solutions.

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