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Ok Heres the Deal:

In December of 2010, I got my Learners Permit for driving. Realizing that I would soon get my license, I got a job at the local grocery store. My parents have told me from when I was little, I would need to pay for my own car insurance, and they would provide the car.

Then this June, I finally got my license. Unfortunately, due to the economy and small size of the grocery store, they started cutting back on everyone hours. Now I can no longer afford the insurance on my own. ( I want to only work during the summer to keep my excellent grades). I have told my parents this and my dad understands, but my mom is being real nasty about it. When I started working in April, my grades dropped significantly. Fortunately, I had done well enough for the first 3 grading periods, that I still averaged all A’s.

I tried getting a second job, but no other company called back.

Now heres where it gets real bad:

In the middle of June, my dad was told he was going to get laid off in 6 months… So December. Because of this, they decided, they are no longer getting a 3rd car for me, yet still making me pay for the insurance. Literally 75% of the time one of their 2 cars is not available, because they both go to work.

My Dad could easily pay for AT LEAST part of the insurance, without a Job. He had a very good one.


Is it fair for my parents to make me dip into my Savings account ( which is unofficially meant for college) to pay for insurance for cars that are hardly available to drive. I really do want to work more this summer to pay for it…. The fact is that I am not able to.

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