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My auto insurance company has been charging me fees, rate increases (originally I was told it would be a decrease!), and a whole other mess with the DMV. I have not had any tickets, accidents, or claims. No one has been able to satisfactorily explain to me why this is happening. How do I now if I have a case with the insurance commission/and or a small claims lawsuit?
My main problem is not the rate increase. The insurance company received my payment on time. But, they did not POST it until a few days later. sometime in this period of a few days, the DMV audited the insurance companies system and decided this was a lapse I guess. I had to give the DMV 500.00 or lose my registration. This was 6 months ago. It took us 4 months to get the insurance agent to tell us what really happend (they are good at the runaround game). They said that they had sent the paperwork to the DMV and that we should be getting our check in 30 days as the insurance compay was at fault. This month my insurace is 100.00 more and I called the DMV and they recieved the paperwork, but not a follow up call they were supposed to get. Since I called them, I personally was able to give the OK to send the packet to the refund department. My insurance company says that the extra 100.00 is for "reinstatement of coverage", coverage I never lost in the first place.

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