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what term life insurance policy should I get for a 60 yr old man?

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Life Insurance

My father is 60, smoker and taking Zocor. Normal weight. The quotes I have seen for a 10 yr term for 0,000 are 0 a month. Does that seem right? Anyone know a cheaper one? Basically I inherit the house while my relative gets the cash, so it’s all fair. I would make the payments and leave my relative as the beneficiary. Thanks
the reason I have to get the life ins is because he is leaving me the swanky 0K California home. Meanwhile I have to give my sister 0K in cash to make it even (per my father). Since I don’t have that kind of cash (I’m 35) I need life ins now in case he passes away this decade. My father wants me to take out a 2nd mtg upon his death, but I told him that would add 0 monthly to the existing mortgage payment for 30 years (I pay that too) so I’d rather pay 0 for 15 years now. Oh and he’s on board. He knows I would have to sell the house to pay off my sister, so this is the only way to have the cash. All good answers! I will probably get a 15 year term and worry about what I’ll do if he lives to be 75.
in the history of may family 1 male lived past 70. that’s why I think if I insure him till 75 I’l be fine. The L.A. house is worth 0K but we owe K. I’ll have no problem paying the mtg and bills, since I do it now. However if he died tomorrow, and I owed my sis 0K, I’d be screwed and have to sell. All the answers are taking into account that he’ll live past 75 and I should save the money instead, but I’m worried about him getting by a bus tomorrow and me having to sell the house. I don;t want the cash, I want to keep the house. I graduated high school from that house ?

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