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What kind of life insurance do we need? and what is a good company to buy from?

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Life Insurance

My husband and I are 28 years old, have three children and plan to have one more child in the near future. We live in Virginia (DC area). His annual earnings are about k; I also work part time earning annually about k. We currently have life insurance through our employers, but we want to get policies on our own. Can anyone recommend a good company to go with and a type of policy that we should get?
Also, should we get life insurance on our children? if so, what kind?
The goal that I want to accomplish with the life insurance is this. If my husband or I was to die, I would want my children to continue the same financial life that they would have had with both parents living. For this I am calculating that we need about a million policy. After our children are grown, I would like for us to have a lower policy; just enough to cover the cost of bills and a little something to help the kids, I am thinking something around 200k.

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