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What is the least amount of car insurance I need to have on a car that doesn’t have a loan on it?

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Auto Insurance

I live in Wisconsin and havent had insurance in about four years. I am getting married in six months and my fiance’s insurance agent said that I should get insurance now, six months before the wedding, so that once we get married and I get added onto his insurance, I won’t raise his insurance since I am considered high risk since I havent had insurance the last six months or more. So, if I get insurance on my won for six months, it will be high risk for those six months, but then six montsh from now, I won’t be high risk, which will be good becasue six months from now is when i would get married and added onto his insurance.

Now, I am going to get insurance on a car that doesn’t have a loan on it, and I am wondering how much insurance I need? What is the least amount of insurance I could get on my car, so that in six months I won’t be high risk anymore?

P.S. I live in Wisconsin, where it isn’t illegal if you don’t have insurance on your car.

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